The Origin of the Saba Saba Day.

The Seventh Amendment was the formation of the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) on July 7, 1954. The party led by Julius Nyerere became the ruling party during Tanganyika's independence which continued to lead the country's politics after holding all parliamentary seats. .

In 1963 Nyerere and the party leadership decided to take the country into a one-party legal system. Thus in 1964 the party's birthday, the "Seventh Day," was listed in the Public Holidays Ordinance Act

The Saba Saba exhibition took place from 1st July 2020 to 13th July 2020. Freme got a chance to be apart of the exhibition for 13 good days. They where good days as for Freme to display the new products and get very good brand reputation from clients.

It is very glad that we receive many visitors, some of them visited us in last Sabbath, we met again and talked about very pleasant using experience of Freme electronic accessories . It is glad that many people express their liking to us.